Racing Optics XStack Laminated Tear-Offs Bell,276,281,288

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Racing Optics X-Stack Laminated Tear Offs for Bell 276, 281, & 288 Shields (including the Vortex, M4, Sport, BR-1 and Sport EV Helmets) features a 2-mil stack of 10 tear offs laminated together, installing as a one-piece unit, that provides optically clear visibility, and minimal reflections. By optically laminating the 10-layer stack, all air is removed from between the layers, eliminating any reflections and fogging. The 10-layer stack has the same optical clarity as a single 2 mil. tear off!

Sold in a package of 3 stacks. Each stack is composed of 10 individual tear offs laminated together (30 tear-offs total).