Motive Power Bleeder Subaru/Mitsubishi

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Bleeding the brakes is critical preventive maintenance for any high performance driver, but few people do it because it's such a hassle. Not any more! This ingenious product makes bleeding your brakes a cinch. The special adapter threads directly onto the Subaru brake reservoir. The tank holds your new fluid and a hand pump to pressurize it. Only one person required, and there's no muss, no fuss! You don't have to pump the pedal, you don't have to check and refill the master cylinder, worrying that it's run dry. Using the Power Bleeder is easy, simple, and very effective. Simply thread the special adapter onto the fluid reservoir in your WRX, put your favorite brake fluid into the Power Bleeder tank, pump it up (built-in pressure gauge prevents over-pressurizing), and open the bleed screw to purge the old fluid.

Kit fits all late-model Subaru and Mitsubishi cars.