Longacre Deluxe Toe Plate Set

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The Deluxe Longacre Toe-In plates feature a thicker construction and new design for increased rigidity and more accurate readings. The all new design is made to work better with high-camber front wheels found on many oval-track race-cars - the design lets the plate stay against the wheel without falling over, making toe-setting a truly one-man job! Magnets help hold the included tape-measures in place, while pointers make reading even easier. Includes two Longacre 3/4" X 10' Power Tapes.


• Thicker material, deeper bends gives you more rigid plates for better accuracy
• Higher kick-out on bottom holds plate against the wheel better - Great for cars with high camber LF wheels
• Magnets on one plate hold the tapes in place
• Pointer makes reading tapes easier
• Set includes two deluxe toe-in plates and two tire tapes