Chatterbox Tandem Pro Wireless Bluetooth Headset

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Chatterbox's Tandem Pro Wireless headset brings Bluetooth technology to their popular in-car intercom product line. Each headset easily pairs with a second headset for 2-way communication between a student and instructor. Easy to reach sound controls are located directly on the boom-mic for quick volume control. Slender profile is only slightly thicker then Chatterbox's wired units.

Note: One headset is included in each package. For a complete system, order two headsets.

Kit includes:
• ONE Tandem Pro Wireless Headset
• USB-style AC home charger

Usage Tips:
• Pairing: Headsets need to be paired each time they are turned on. Hold the Power button (the large button) for 10 seconds to search for nearby headsets. Then press the pairing button to quickly pair the set. Hitting the pairing button again will cancel the pairing - to re-pair, simply hit the button again.
• Volume Control: Volume control is the pill-shaped button on the boom mic. Each slide of the button turns up/down the volume one setting. Slide multiple times to reach desired sound level.